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Our specialty is Google ad campaigns: more visitors, more opportunities and more sales.

design your search engine advertisement campaign

You are the expert in your field and we specialize in search engine advertisements. Together we define the goals, methods and techniques.

We start quickly with your search engine advertising campaign and by continuous measurement and improvement we will swiftly get more insight and therefore better results.

We provide strong ad copy, effective landing pages and clear reports. You will always be able to inspect the effectiveness of your ad campaigns.

Imeco ensures that every starting Google advertiser will receive an advertising credit of 50 euros.


We will gladly provide you with advice on online advertisements, with no strings attached.

Search Engine Advertising allows for early online success

Google handles about 94% of all searches in the Netherlands (Europe about 90% and USA approximately 66%.) Advertisement in Google has a huge scope. Once your ad campaign is active, it appears in Google. An advertising campaign has many points of interest including:

google adwords campaign

  1. The right ad type (text ads, image advertising, video advertising)
  2. The right ad rendering spot (solely search results or even on other sites)
  3. The precise geographic audience (only the Netherlands or other countries)
  4. The right demographic audience (young, middle-aged, elderly)
  5. The correct gender (men and / or women).
  6. The available one-time or monthly amount you plan to spend on advertising
  7. Do you want to pay for the display of ads or the amount of clicks on ads.
  8. To which web pages the advertisement must lead if clicked.