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All our services are complemented by visitor behavior reports and statistics to allow further optimization.

google analytics
Visitor statistics and behaviors are tracked by Google Analytics. These reports will allow you to fully grasp the ins and outs of your website, shop or ad campaigns. The data can be used for maximizing the output of your business.

We can measure and report many different things, including:

  • Content Analysis: Find out what parts of your website or webshop perform well and which pages are most popular;
  • Social Analysis: Find out how your visitors use your content on various social platforms;
  • Mobile Analysis: Find out to what extent mobile Internet impacts your website, shop and business;
  • Conversion Analysis: Find out how many customers you attract, how much you sell and how users interact with your site;
  • Advertisement Analysis: Find out what social and mobile ads, search ads and display ads are most effective.

Ask your question and we provide visitor statistics advice.

google analytics reports

If you want to find out more about visitor statistics and behavior, feel free to contact us on +31 76 888 2665 or email for personal advice.