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social media strategyBuilding and expanding a strong network in which you and your skills will be promoted. Easier said than done, it requires a clear social media strategy and commitment to collocutors.

Normally the communication happens in writing (articles, news, blog), but images (photography, presentations, video) and sound (audio clips, podcasts) are also used as a communication tool.

The essence of social media is of course the social aspect; it also has a high degree of interaction. The exchange of personal information, thoughts, relationships and tips is important.



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your social media strategy

Social media gives consumers a simple way to meet social needs such as recognition and self-development.

Companies can respond to these needs and enter into dialogue with large groups of customers and prospects.

Good usage of social media enables companies and brands to become affiliated with certain networks and their members, which in turn allows them to build up trust and connections much more effectively.