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When arranging your business, the concept of trust is important. You trust that your business is handled in a correct, fast, secure and personal way. You also expect that in the virtual world where there is often no personal contact. That is why safety always comes first with us.

Precautionary measures
The communication between you and Imeco takes place through various links. Naturally, we ensure that our own links in the internet chain are protected as optimally as possible and with advanced techniques. We are always looking for the right balance between ease of use and security. But we can not influence all links in the safety chain. You, as a user of Imeco services, are also a link in this whole. That is why you can also take a number of precautionary measures yourself (see below) to prevent the chain from getting a weak link.

Check the identity of the website
• check whether the website is really Imeco;
• call Imeco if in doubt;
• check the address line in your browser.

Keep your data secret
• protect your passwords;
• do not provide personal information.

Secure your computer
• do not install illegal and unknown software;
• protect passwords;
• use an anti-virus program and a firewall;
• remove spyware;
• check the version of your browser;
• keep the operating system up-to-date.

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