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Mission vision
Goals & target groups
Resources & Planning

Mix our online marketing experience with your knowledge of your company, products and services.

Getting acquainted, sharing knowledge, acquiring knowledge, knowing success.

Translating customer quality into impressive online solutions.

We prefer to explain it face to face but below you can also read in detail how we make our customers online successful.

Mission & vision

The mission and vision are the foundation for the strategy.

In our mission we inform what we want to do for you.

In our vision we give the future of your online presence.

Goals & target groups

We set the goals SMART: specific, measurable, acceptable, realistic and time-bound.

De doelgroepen vloeien voort uit marktonderzoek van de gestelde doelen. Doel is dat de beschreven doelgroepen daadwerkelijk jouw afnemers worden én jou aanbevelen in hun netwerk.

Hoe creëren we een duurzaam concurrentievoordeel?

Resources & Planning

Purpose: to determine the starting position

Market: identifying opportunities and threats

Organization: analyze strengths and weaknesses

Market-fit: confront the organization with the market

Marketing strategy: offering solutions for problem areas

Marketing mix: determine the marketing mix

Marketing year plan: operational activity plan

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